# Typing out a phrase

Configure a key/macro to type out a phrase you use often automatically like an address or an email reply

  1. Configure Macros Click the Macros tab. All the macros that can be configured will be displayed as separate tabs. Select a Macro you would like to configure. In the picture below M0 is selected

The next step is to add actions. In the bottom right corner, you can

  • Add action - Manually adds an action to the list. Configure it to do exactly what you want. select from different options - hold, tap, release, and delay.
  • Tap Enter - Lots of macros end with an “Enter” key so this button makes it easier to add that.
  • Record macro - Lets you record the macro directly from your keyboard. It’s not the most reliable but it’s a great place to start.

Use these buttons to add actions to the list. These will be performed in order when the macro is activated.

Add a text action and type in the text you want your macropad to type out


  1. Using Macros After the macro has been configured, it can be used. Just click on a key you would like to use for a macro in the top palette then select your macro in the bottom palette. (under the macro tab)