# Controlling OBS (OPEN BROADCAST SOFTWARE) or Streamlabs

# Hotkeys

Configure a macro to type a combination of keys (a hotkey) so that when you click a button it might change a scene, mute your microphone, or hide a source. Lots of hotkeys can be defined with lots of different behaviors. Take a look in the OBS settings under hotkeys.

I like to use Ctrl+Shift+1, Ctrl+Shift+2, Ctrl+Shift+3, etc. for all my OBS hotkeys. Be sure to include a 50ms delay so that hotkeys work when OBS is not in focus


# Midi

Use the Midi firmware we have compiled for our macropads to turn your device into a Midi controller. Lots of great plugins for controlling OBS with a Midi device are available. We plan on creating a short video guide on setting up your device to it's fullest potential in OBS but for now you can reference these pages/projects (MIDIControl (opens new window)) or (obs-midi (opens new window))